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Oct 22 2012
Watching Dead
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#nutflicks: I Googled "nutflicks" and most of the results were people desperately pleading for their friends not to visit, because it is, as they say, exactly what you might think it is. I took their advice.
#TheWalkingDead: I think AMC does push out one full episode of WD at a time. I'm not sure how long the delay is between air time and upload time.
Update: A lot of people are asking about pay-per-episode shows on YouTube. For some reason YouTube makes them hard to find. See for all shows and here is Walking Dead. They say $2 for an episode, $3 for an HD episode and $27.99 for a full season pass. Personally, I think the prices are way too high, so I've never tried it. If I watched all the content I like that way, I'd be paying hundreds of dollars every month for TV. #YouTube
Update 2: Bloo has pointed out there is a similar oatmeal comic. I assume his was first, but I don't see a date. I would never steal a comic or an idea and I don't read the oatmeal. I suppose comic makers satirize common frustrations, and we both sort of went for the obvious punchline. Even though my comics are stolen about every day, I would never to do that to someone else.