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Oct 17 2017
Genius Dude vs The Personal Space Invaders (Part 3)
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Yay. Finally caught up again. I now have been posting for 4 days and have 4 comics posted. I am not master of math, but that seems about right.

I am now going to work on a the circuit Tech Dude was just talking about in a bonus frame. I'm making a custom fan enclosure out of wood, which hold a PC fan and a circuit that allows fan speed control with a knob that adjusts a PWM duty cycle. I was building my own square wave circuit but was having trouble with NPNs dying and starting to leak current. I now have gotten some 555 timers in the mail and will be using them to try and control a power MOSFET.

If any non-electronics people are reading this and you want to learn about what I'm doing, let me know and I will explain things I'm working on in plain English.