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Oct 16 2017
Genius Dude vs The Personal Space Invaders (Part 2)
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I can't believe how long it takes to make a simple comic. It used to take 30 minutes. One hour for a really long one. I try to break the reasons. For one thing, I have trouble with simple ideas. No idea seems good enough anymore. Years ago, I went with any idea, even bad ones, I could usually make something half-way decent out of them. Reading back through old comics, I notice a lot of them are just pretty bad and lazy, but if you throw enough crap, some of it sticks. And I think a lot of the best ones would come of out that process.

But now I feel I want to craft things that are deeper, more meaningful, and more artistically executed. But all of that takes a lot of time, which severely reduces volume - especially if you don't do it for a living and have to work a job.

But all that nonsense aside, just the time is takes to draw these things is absurd. I don't understand why it takes so long to draw a simple stick figure comic. I think I need to video tape myself making a comic and see if there's blank spots where space-time freezes around me and the clock just ticks away while I sit there frozen.