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Oct 15 2017
Genius Dude vs The Personal Space Invaders (Part 1)
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What a day. Was up all night trying to recover data for a customer. It took about 6 days to copy the data. It was about 400GB of data, but the HDD was dying so the copy speed was extremely slow. However, Windows 7 suddenly could not recognize the partition anymore. Even the customer computer, which also needed Win7 installed - the Win7 install disk could not properly see the partitions either. So I had 400GB of data and no way to install Win7 on the drive without reformatting the HDD and losing the data. So I copied all 400GB to yet another HDD, installed Win7 on the customer drive, then copied all the data back. The customer kept saying how important it was that they got the data back ASAP so I was up night trying to have it ready by Sunday. Then after all that work, the customer showed almost no appreciate for hours of free work, they suddenly say they need data from another folder (when they originally said they only needed one folder recovered). It would take an hour to explain the entire job, but needless to say, it's wasting a lot of time and paying very little. Then I had to go on a service call, feed the girlfriend, and then begin recovering more data. Now I'm staying up all night again, but this time trying to make this comic which should have been posted yesterday.

Now, all I have to do is somehow find time to make another comic today and I'll be caught up. I'm only 3 days in and already hopelessly battling to maintain daily comics. It used to be so easy. What happened.