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Jun 23 2014
So I Got Burglarized The Other Day
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I know it's been a while since I've updated. Things aren't the going the best and I actually did just get robbed. Screw trigger words, I'm calling it a robbery. Mainly because it sounds less like a cheeseburger-headed mascot was rummaging through my every possession.

I'm pretty much out of funds and that's the main reason the strips have stopped. My card was just declined at the grocery store and it's pretty depressing. If you want to see more regular strips, support popstrip. There's two ways. First, you can donate. And second, I just started a subscription option (only $5/month). There's no bonus content yet - it's purely a way to support the strip at this point. Either way, it's good joojoo for you. I would like to offer perks to subscribers and/or large donations, so let me know if anyone has any ideas for perks I can give.