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Dec 28 2016
Pet Human (Animation)
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The reason I haven't been uploading many comics is that I'm switching over to more videos. A lot of time is going into learning Blender for use in 3D animation. But that is taking a considerable amount of time. So while I'm learning, I will be uploading some old fashion 2D videos like this one here. At this point, I have lost most, if not all of my paying subscribers, but hopefully it be worth the sacrifice. I hope you will enjoy the vast amount of work I'm putting into animation. I simply do not have much inspiration for regular comics and most of my ideas are now cinimatic in nature. After I get good at Blender, I plan to make a POPsickleSHOW, which I think will be pretty cool, gnarly, and / or groovy.

Lastly, I want to thank those who have been paying subscribers. Even if it was just $5 a month from a person, it would always help and it always gave me encouragement to see that PayPal email appear. I have not disappeared, I have multiple video projects I'm working on, a cooking channel, and should be releasing a new webcomic soon with a different style.

Let's make 2017 POPsickle2017. Let's make America POPsickleAMERICA again. Let's make the world POPsickleWORLD. We'll focus on the solar system after that.