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Sep 09 2015
Password Validation: The Game
How the game works:

This game is based on one of my first comics, called Password Validation. You should probably read the comic first. The object of the game is to validate your password. The trick is, it only accepts one password. Use the validation errors as clues to find your way to the one and only password that is accepted!

First winner: davidlwatsonjr

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Welcome to the new old site! To celebrate the return of 909sickle, we honour the first popular POPsickleSTRIP comic. Password Validation was also the first comic to feature the character Dude. Dude's name is a noun, turned into a proper noun. Many recurring elements of POPsickleSTRIP have been defined by this comic. All of the recurring popsickle characters are ironically named after descriptive nouns (Tech Dude, Christian Girl, Genius Dude, Hippie Dude, etc.). The orange and blue desk is now the standard backdrop for the many conversations between Dude and Tech Dude and has became a defining symbol of the comic strip.

If you're a new reader, I'll give you a little history. POPsickleSTRIP started out on a google blog, but once the comic started to take off, I decided to get a domain name. Evil forces crept upon the site and the domain has changed many times. Interestly to me, whatever the site's logo was, determined what people called the site. For a while, people called the site 909sickle and this was the most prosperous time for the comic. Eventually, I got tired of drawing stick figures and decided to try different styles of comics. I announced my final digital stick figure comic and took to pencil and paper sketches. But they all sucked and the people demanded more stick figures! So, I started in 2010 as a place to continue stick figure comics while I would keep experimenting on 909sickle. A lot of things began going wrong in my life and with limited time to create, I quickly gave up on 909sickle and focused more on

It has taken me years of retrospective, but I have finally seen that this was the point where I went astray artistically. I stopped listening to my gut and tried to appease what I thought readers wanted, instead of trying to challenge myself to reach new levels. So, if you're reading this post in the future, this was the first post on the new The date is 9/09/2015 and this symbolizes my return to the point where I wandered off path into the forest of disolusion and hopefully the point where begin walking once again in the correct direction.

From now on, there will be at least one post per day, and on some days, two or more posts if I have time. Many different types of posts will appear. There will be stick figure comics, different styles of comics, videos, animation, interactive posts like today's post, and whatever else I think might be cool that day. You can call it POPsickleSTRIP, popstrip, popsickle, or 909sickle, but I will be calling it 909sickle. To me, POPsickleSTRIP refers to the usual style of stick figure comics seasoned readers are accustumed to, popstrip is shorthand for POPsickleSTRIP, popsickle is shorthand for the stick figure brand, and 909sickle refers to the entire effort, all of the different types of things I post in whatever my style is. There was something special about 909sickle. It's cozy. It makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy. It captures a certain way of thinking. I hope it does the same for you.

Anyway, welcome to This might be weird to some of you, but I prefer to call it awesome.

P.S. I was hoping to get the new comment system done today, but it's not quite ready. So, for now you can chat at the old ToldYu site, here. If you're the first person to post the correct password, I'll put your username below the game.