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Sep 29 2010
My Wonderful Childhood (Part 3)
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In my effort to share a small portion of my childhood with you, so far the reactions have been heartwarming.
  • "[accusing me of future child abuse] Yep, and this just keep repeating itself with each new generation."
  • "I used to wonder how someone could turn out like you did and i guess i have my answer"
  • "A religious upbringing is a fantastic way to royally screw up a human being."

I'm not even going to mention what redditors are saying about me. I am now imagining that instead of writing about my childhood, I'm an old war veteran writing about my lost leg:

  • "I bet your kids won't have legs either."
  • "I used to wonder why you walked so funny and I guess now I have my answer."
  • "Shooting off a guy's leg is fantastic way to screw up a human being."

Apparently, war-veterans, one of most ignored groups on the planet, rank just above faith-veterans in terms of respect. Damned if you keep it in and damned if you let it out. I suddenly realize why so many people have an aversion to sharing.