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Nov 06 2012
Unnecessary Steps
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Update: Just to be clear, in spite of the rant below, and in spite of my libertarian leaning ideals, I fully support voting for Obama for no other reason except toppling Romney. Nothing against Republicans - that guy is just nutso scary, as if straight out of a casting session for the villainous swindler CEO who sells out large companies, putting everyone out of work for a few extra bucks to feed into his wacky religious group. Although, the line between fantasy and reality is quite blurry with that analogy.

Me: If you're already a citizen, why do have to register to vote?

Election Commissioner: It is required by state law.

Me: Is there any reason why or it just an extra step you have to do?

Election Commissioner: There is no reason why.

My parents were JWs, so I was raised that voting was a sin. You're not supposed to pretend like man can rule themselves - you're supposed to sit back and watch everything go to shit so God can effectively say "I told you so" and then eventually, after several millennia of pain and suffering, step in, kicks every's ass (Armageddon) and then restore order for a short while (before he lets everything go to shit again to test the survivors one more time). Not saying that's right or wrong - just what I was taught. So, needless to say, I didn't learn much about the messed up voting system growing up.

In later years, I never bothered to vote because I thought there were only two options (Red or Blue) and they were both always obvious corporate sellouts with no track record and no intention of keeping their word (somehow, no else seems to notice this pattern - it seems like every time, people are just so terrified that other guy might win, that they'll do anything to support their guy, even if they don't believe in their guy that much). However, a few days ago, it came to my attention they it might be possible that there is a Libertarian on the ballot. Although, it's not Ron Paul (the guy who everyone thinks is crazy, yet is the only politician who has ever made sense to me) it would be someone interested in actually restoring some rights to people and getting government hands out of people's lives so poor people can actually start their own businesses and restore this country to greatness (assuming the guy is actually a libertarian). However, in Nebraska, you have to "register" at least 10 days before voting - whatever the fuck that is (sorry, I'm a bit angry at the state today). Apparently, being a citizen and having a social security number is not good enough to have an opinion in this state. Someone must also tell you to fill out a fucking piece of paper 10 days ahead of time.

So, if we enter the Zombie Apocalypse because we needed one more vote, you now know the reason why. However, if anyone knows a possible way I can vote in another state (by moving for a day) or some other loophole, please contact me or leave a comment on this strip.