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Aug 26 2008
Jesus Spider
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Update: May 10, 2009
I changed "hast" to "hath", by popular request. The extend of my "Early Modern" (I prefer Old English x100) comes from endless hours of playing Ultima VII.
When I was a kid, I had several webcomics based on the Ultima Online game (the original MMORPG). If you ever played UO, I was the kid who did the UO Tour spoofs and also started Candid Coverage over at UO Stratics (Xena Dragon, ftw!). One of the other comic strips was based on a character I role-played called Spoobubba - the worst role-player ever. (The worst Ol' English, but the biggest heart - aww) They're not online anymore, but I noticed Web Archive still has most of them.
The World of Ultima Online (UO Tours parody):*/