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Jul 04 2011
The Google Model
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I just got access to Google+, so I'll give my first impressions. Like all new Google products, it's not exactly clear what it does. If it really is supposed to be Facebook compitition, they should probably hire a graphic designer. One of the reasons Facebook succeeded was that they hired a graphic/web designer. A graphic/web designer is a person who has the abilty to create a visual interface which makes sense and doesn't hurt your eyes. When things make sense and don't hurt eyes people are more likely to use those things. And before you say anything, yes, I would hire a graphic designer for my website if I had... BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!

Sorry about the broken bonus image on yesterday's strip - fixed it. I'm having this weird Internet problem where I can download things, but not upload (95% of uploads fail / are partial). It makes no sense. No one can explain it. You'd think a widely used protocol like FTP could handle a few lost packets and manage to somehow upload a 5k file...

Oh, and I also did a reverse image search on a picture of Dude. I was surprised to see that Google actually recognized it.