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Jul 06 2011
Something On Your Face
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I decided to do a parody of the live Penny Arcade ink & color sessions by Mike Krahulik, which I just saw for the first time a few days ago. Surely it would be amusing to record the drawing of stick figures. However, I started thinking it would be more interesting to just expand on the idea. So, I recorded the entire creation process of a popstrip from start to finish (writing, drawing, and final file creation). The comic I recorded is the one you just read and I'll upload it as soon as I locate a decent Internet connection.

Also, once I get a decent Internet connection at home, I will start creating all of my POPsickleSTRIP comics live on ustream. You'll be able to talk to me live, via the ustream chat app. The comics on this site have always been drafts for public review and this is just taking that one step farther. But be warned -- any good ideas presented during the session will be immediately stolen.