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May 09 2011
Searching For Happiness (Part II)
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Here was Part I for anyone who missed it.

And speaking of Google, I would really like to see an end to these attacks on my mind. When Google first started doing the doodles it was cute because they would replace the random letters in the Google logo with something that looked like the letter. Not particularly clever, but cute - and at least not insulting to my cognitive resources. Then, at some point they realized we are all incredibly retarded (no offense to retarded people) and started mocking us while raping our childhood or the current holiday with shit like this:

Wtf, Google? A chair is not a "g"! The doodle artist must have thought, "Hmm, I'm too lazy to do something clever here, so I'll just draw an instrument of laziness - a chair."

Make it stop! Now, yes - I could easily use my imagination to visualize what letters are missing. But what's the point? You might as well do something like this, this or this if random nonsense is allowed. Or just erase all the letters and really put the imagination to work.

Appologies for the rant. I'm probably the only one who can't stand Google doodles.