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Feb 25 2010
fuck life
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I couldn't decide whether to title this strip "self murder" or "life reduction surgery", so fortunately they both killed themselves off to make room for a better one.

My hypothesis is that as one realizes and grows to understand the true pointlessness of life and the universe, one also loses the desire to participate in such a fruitless existence. It follows that one must actually be insane to want life, that a certain level of insanity is required see any benefits from exerting effort and enduring the pain of living. Every liver must convince themselves that life is real and should be lived, that desires are good and should be satisfied, that pain is evil and should be avoided, and that selfishness is justified to at least the extent needed to survive.

This would mean there is a practical upper limit on intelligence. Not any limit forced by the nature of the universe itself, but by the nature any conscious and altruistic mind. The only way for any one person to show special abilities in any area would be through specialization of skills, so that the general skill-set suffers for the benefit of the singular skill. For if anyone were to be able to grasp the immensity of vanity required to convince themselves that they should take from the world and give to themselves for their own survival, a requirement for all life, any true polymath not born into the gift of free energy from inherited wealth would, for having lack of any reason to consciously participate, be unable to motivate themselves in any significant way.

In summary, you're all crazy. And if there's another comic tomorrow, so am I.