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Oct 14 2017
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So, here goes my newest attempt at returning to daily updates. We'll see how it goes. I will say, although it might not look like it, I've been working hard on POPsickleSTRIP. You haven't seen updates in a while is because I've been working on video - animated shorts. The next video is pretty advanced compared to the previous ones (going 3D) and I think it will be worth the wait. Coincidentally, Radiolab released an episode about the same topic as the video. From that, you can probably figure out which comic it's based on. I've been trying to do the animation in blender and learning it has presented many many many challenges.

I will give you more updates on other projects I'm working on and thing I've been thinking about in tomorrow's comic journal. My hands have been hurting for many months and that's also really slowed down my ability to draw and write. I hope to find a cure soon because everything I do involves my hands. And I mean everything.